Sunday, February 20, 2011

WIP Update

I have some progress on my Home of a Needleworker from a week ago.  This week I was working on my froggy exchange for the ILCS yahoo group. No photos of that until it arrives at its destination overseas.

I've had a really busy week with school activities and sports.  DH got home last Sunday and has another 2 weeks here before heading overseas again.  Yesterday I got sunburnt at DD's cricket game, it was a hot day and the shade was disappearing.  I'll be more careful next time. 
Tomorrow I have a business lunch and Tuesday I'm on tuckshop roster at DS's school.  Hopefully it will cool down a bit by mid week.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Started Home of a Needleworker

While I was resting my knee in Vancouver I started Home of a Needleworker by LHN.

It is very hot and muggy here in Brisbane so I haven't done any more since getting home.

Home again

We had a fantastic holiday.  Our 5 days skiing at Whistler was great and we would all love to do it again.  Of course the kids learnt much faster than DH or I.  The weather was nice and cold but not unbearable.  It snowed one day while we were skiing then was sunny and  -15C the next day. 

Here I am

I twisted my knee on the last skiing day and probably did some ligament damage.  It was a week before I could bend it easily but it is mostly fine now - just uncomfortable if I am on it for a while or twist it again. 
After Whistler we had 4 days in Vancouver while DH was working.  DD, DS and I had an easy few days and I was able to put my knee up for a few hours every aftenoon and get online to check what was happening at home.

We stopped in LA on our way back home for 3 days - 2 days at Disneyland and the last day at Universal Studios.  Again, we all had a ball and were exhausted when we got on the plane.

DS, DD and I at Disneyland

We loved our time away but were glad to be back home.
DMIL was going to come with us, but 2 days before we left her mother had a mild stroke so she stayed.  While we were away Nanna had more strokes and is now in a high level nursing home unable to walk. 

The Floods
We were not affected by the Brisbane floods.  Our house is in the northern surburbs away from the river and we are on a hill. It has been horrible to see the damage done to my city and state from the floods and this week Cyclone Yasi.