Monday, May 30, 2011

Page 2 finished

This is the gate in the top row.

I've changed to smaller Q-snaps which is working much better for me.  I'm going to put this aside while I work on my Lizzie Kate piece for the ILCS yahoo group swap.  No pictures until the recipent has received it.

We've had an interesting time with DD recently.  First, she was complaining sometimes of a sore arm after her flu vaccination.  After 2 weeks I took her to the doctor and discovered she had an abscess from the needle.  Started antibiotics.  Reminder to self - remember DD has a high pain threshold. 
Next, she fell and hurt her ankle/foot while playing netball, she kept playing and came off during the break.  First aid person said sprained ankle, so I strapped it up for a few days.  After 5 days she started limping again after playing sports at school so I took her to the physio.  Not a sprained ankle, she had a dislocated bone in the top of her foot.  Physio couldn't get it back in manually so taped it up and gave her exercises to do at home to loosen the ligaments, within a few days it was mostly back in alignment.  She had her birthday disco party while her foot was taped up and it didn't slow her down at all.  Reminder to self - DD ignores pain.
Then she got a gastro bug at school and gave it to all of us within 48 hours.  I had to call my fairy godmother DMIL for help on the Saturday night when DS and DH were sick and I couldn't get out of bed to help them.  She ended up sick as well.  I started feeling better on Thursday.
DD had a cub scout camp on the weekend.  I removed two ticks from her this morning.  I'm hoping she has no more incidents for a while.

DH is heading OS on Sunday for a week.  He has 3 days in Vancouver and the same in San Francisco.

I'm waiting for a new lounge suite to be delivered, was meant to be today but now will be Wednesday.  We ordered it in March.  Our old one was brought 2nd hand last century (1999) when DS was a toddler.  We've never had a new lounge suite before and we were looking for a few years before we brought.  The main problem was the room, but we are going to change everything around and move the TV and put the lounge against the wall in the corner.  The bookcase will go in another room.
TV room with new heater against wall

My stitching chair, meals area and kitchen.

I had to buy a new heater yesterday.  Our old 15yo one blew up last week - tripped the circut breaker and shot out flames when DH turned it on after getting it out of the garage.
We only have one heater in the house and turn it on during really cold nights for a few hours.  10C is really cold for us! 
Well, thanks for reading to the end.  I have to go to bed now to be up early for a breakfast at DS's school at 7am tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Romantic Rose Garden Progress

It's been a while since I worked on this piece.

current page

Overall progress

I started doing this on Q-snaps 14 x 14 because I didn't want to have to move it around very much with the beads and I can't wash the fabric creases out afterwards with the silk threads.  But, it's too big and I can't reach the top easily, so I'm thinking of changing to 14 x 11.  The border won't fit now so I will have to move the q-snaps around whatever I do.  I love the portability of the Q-snaps and I already have hypnotic set up on my floor stand so I don't want to put this on scroll rods.  I have wool batting under the snaps to protect the fabric and I'm hoping the beads will be ok with this.  Am I worrying about this too much?  I am using 32ct linen.
What have others done in this case?  Any thoughts and ideas are welcome.

DD had a great day on Sunday and DH arrived home around 1pm, just a few hours late.