Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's my 42nd birthday on August 3.
I'm giving away a $50 gift voucher to 123stitch, my favourite online store.
To make it simple all you have to do is leave a comment on this post to enter.
The closing date is Sunday, August 7 and I'll draw a name on August 8.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Snowman pattern goes to..

Nancy M. 

I will send you an email to get your snail mail address

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Big car + tricky driveway + distracted driver (me) =

My 4 month old car

I didn't turn enough and hit the side of the garage entrance on Monday afternoon  after school pick up. The garage I've driven into thousands of times before, the garage I didn't drive into for a month after I got this vehicle because I was worried about fitting!
My first accident in 25 years driving, first insurance claim.  I took it to the assessors yesterday and it should be back with bumper and light all fixed on Tuesday. 

I thought I'd be more upset but it's only a car and can be fixed, no-one was hurt and nothing else was damaged, only my pride.  I have another car to drive and my insurance premium is not affected because I have a good driving record.  Compared to the bad news I'm getting about the health of people I know, it is nothing.

Other than this I had a great Monday.  DH arrived home in the morning and we both did school drop off, went out for lunch, then furniture shopping for side tables for the new lounge.  Found some we liked at 30% off.  We got 3 and they were delivered yesterday.  Photos later. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Finishes and a Small Giveaway

I had a great weekend stitching and I have some finishes.

First, this is the Lizzie Kate piece I made for Lisa for the ILCS group exchange.  Lisa received this on Friday just as I was getting ready to make another as I thought the first was lost in the mail.  This was my first ornament finish.  Forgot to take a picture of the back.
LK exchange to Lisa
  This is what I received from Lisa

LK exchange from Lisa
  The kids had their winter school holidays recently.  We drove up to visit my Dad at Yeppoon in central Queensland.  It was a 9 hour drive up there, a bit shorter coming back as we had breakfast before leaving and only had to stop twice.  The weather was terrible - wet and windy so we didn't get to the beach, but we all enjoyed the break.
I took LK Snowman '10 to start while I was there and finished it the other day.
I haven't ironed it so it looks crooked.

LK Snowman '10
 I had a great stitchathon on Saturday.  DH was away, the kids both had byes for their respective sports and the weather was wet and cold.  I started stitching at 8am and went to bed at midnight and I had 11 hours stitching mostly on Rose Garden Mandala.  I did another few hours yesterday finishing backstitching and attaching beads and now I have another page finish.

Romantic Rose Garden Mandala 3rd page

All of it so far

I'm going to do some more on Hypnotic next.
I'll have to see if my floor stand works with the new lounge suite.
I forgot to put a picture up of it earlier.  Here it is.  5 of the 6 seats have recliners which we are all enjoying. 

We have attached the TV to the wall and DH still has to do some work to hide the antenna and cables.  Next we need to find some small tables to put between the chairs.

Thanks for reading this.

If anyone wants the Snowman '10 pattern leave a comment about it here and I'll pick a name on Friday if there is more than one entry.

It's my birthday next month so I'll be doing a bigger giveaway for that later.