Thursday, July 21, 2011


Big car + tricky driveway + distracted driver (me) =

My 4 month old car

I didn't turn enough and hit the side of the garage entrance on Monday afternoon  after school pick up. The garage I've driven into thousands of times before, the garage I didn't drive into for a month after I got this vehicle because I was worried about fitting!
My first accident in 25 years driving, first insurance claim.  I took it to the assessors yesterday and it should be back with bumper and light all fixed on Tuesday. 

I thought I'd be more upset but it's only a car and can be fixed, no-one was hurt and nothing else was damaged, only my pride.  I have another car to drive and my insurance premium is not affected because I have a good driving record.  Compared to the bad news I'm getting about the health of people I know, it is nothing.

Other than this I had a great Monday.  DH arrived home in the morning and we both did school drop off, went out for lunch, then furniture shopping for side tables for the new lounge.  Found some we liked at 30% off.  We got 3 and they were delivered yesterday.  Photos later. 


Maureen said...

been there, done kind of that lol! managed to scrape my old car right down the right side going through an entrance i have driven loads of time - needless to say i have not ventured in there with my new car as I quite like the way it looks at the moment..

re your previous post - just loving your Rose Mandala, and am so envious of a whole day stitching!

Nancy M said...

So sorry about the boo boo, it's always sad when a new car gets one.

Meari said...

Oops, and you're right. It's only a car, and fixable at that.