Friday, September 23, 2011

Hypnotic Page 3 is finished

Hypnotic by KustomKrafts
Another 6 pages to go.

I'm putting this aside and working on Romantic Rose Garden Mandala.

I have a new start but no pictures as it is for an autumn challenge for ILCS yahoo group.

DH got home on Monday morning and he is off again next Tuesday - this time for a week away car racing in NSW.  I wanted to go too but my babysitter (DMIL) is busy with her parents both not well in nursing homes, instead DFIL is going and also DBIL and his wife.  I'll try to go next year, even if I fly down for a few days and skip the 2 days driving down and another 2 driving back.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A finish and hypnotic progress

Fa-La-La is finished.
I finished this early September.

Fa-La-La by LHN
30ct cappucino linen with recommended DMC threads
 Hypnotic progress.
Page 3 is nearly finished, another 6 pages to do after this one.

Hypnotic by KustomKrafts

School Holidays
Kids have started their school holidays today. They have 2 weeks off then back for the last term.  I can't believe 3/4 of the year has gone.   I think DS has done well again, but we haven't got all his results for this term yet.  He got all A's last semester and is academically gifted in maths/science.  He finds exams easy but has to work on his assignments.  He was up until 2am doing his IT assignment the morning it was due and got an A+.  I keep telling myself there are lots worse things than having a 14yo son who is disappointed with B's.  Not so easy when he is stressing over assignments in the early hours of the morning.

A Close Call
I saw a car accident on Thursday morning as I was leaving DS's school.  I was first at the traffic lights to cross a main road and when they turned green I went. Past the intersection a car was waiting to merge onto my road and stopped to give way to me. A tradies ute came flying around the corner and plowed into the back of the stopped car.  I could see it was going to happen and slowed down otherwise I could have been hit as well.  I think the ute driver saw me and was trying to accelerate in front of me.  No one was hurt but it was still a scare.  Tradies in utes seem to make their own rules here and you can see why I give them lots of room on the roads.

DH has been away this week and was due back tomorrow morning.  Unfortunately his plane was delayed leaving Vancouver and he was going to miss his connecting flight to Brisbane.  He has to wait another 24 hours for a seat on the next plane from LA and now won't be home until Monday morning. 

The Vegie Patch
The snow peas are flowering and this was taken before I started picking lettuce.

Summer is on the way.  Mornings are still chilly, but it is 28C today and is beautiful.

Thank you for all your lovely comments.