Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MYA part 5

I've just finished part 5 of this sampler.  I'm doing this through the Sticklounge yahoo group.

Thanks for all the comments on the last post.  DD's theatre has finished, and it looked like everyone had a great time on stage.  I went to one of the earlier performances then 2 later ones which were much better.  I'm still recovering from all the late nights!

Friday, October 19, 2012

October TUSAL

Nearly forgot.

Lots of pink from Sweet Flowers.

See Daffycat's blog here for information.

MYA part 3

I've just finished part 3 of the Many Years Ago sampler I'm doing with the sticklounge yahoo group.

It's opening night tonight for DD's theatre performance.  Lots of late nights coming up in the next 10 days.  Her friend in the cast broke her leg at the start of the week but is still performing in some of her items, just with modified movements. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sweet Flowers part 9

I've finished Sweet Flowers part 9 and I've got the final 2 parts from Angie.

Sweet Flowers
I'm working on the Many Years Ago sampler for the next few weeks.  Part 6 has been released and I'm still on part 3.

What bird is this?
We had a wet day on Thursday - the first decent rain since June.  I was sitting in my reading chair in the office when I saw this in our yard.

Pheasant Coucal
I saw this bird months ago and had no idea what it was.  Since then I've managed to identify it - a Pheasant Coucal -  but I hadn't seen it again.  It is the only cuckoo in Australia that makes it's own nest and raises it's chicks.  (What did we do without Google?)  I did see a strange bird last week that I half think/hope could be a young chick.  My neighbour thinks the nest is in her yard next door.

The fun begins.
The next 2 weeks will be very busy.  DD has her musical theatre opening night on Friday and 2 performances Saturday, then 5 performances in 4 days the following week. So, it's rehersals most of this weekend and Wednesday night.  In fact, we are out every night this coming week Sunday till Saturday except Monday.  Most nights we will be getting home 10.30-11pm.  Getting the kids to school on time in the mornings will be a challenge!
Of course, DH is away - he is fishing at Fraser Island with his Dad, uncle and several mates this week.  They go every year at this time, I don't mind as long as he brings home some fish.  He left before 4am today so I ended up having an afternoon nap because I didn't go back to sleep after he left.  He is home next Saturday afternoon, then off to Singapore the following Tuesday for a few days.

Holiday planning
We wanted to go skiing again in January next year but DD is going to the Scout Jamboree during the first 2 weeks of January, so we've put that off for another year and decided to do something in December when the kids summer holidays start.  We thought about New Zealand or Perth, but we've decided to go to Tasmania. 
DS finishes school a week before DD, so we're going to pull her out of school 2 days early and fly to Hobart, hire a car, and spend 10 days driving around Tasmania.  That way we will have a great holiday and be back home a week before Christmas.  Just need to work out our itinerary and book accommodation and flights in the next few weeks.

DD's finger is mostly better.  I'm not sure I liked the glue, maybe she would have been better off getting it stitched.  She bumped it the other day and part of it reopened under the skin - she ended up with a large blood blister and bruising, but it didn't stop her playing tennis followed by a  game of netball.  It doesn't hurt and the bruising is fading so I'm leaving it alone to heal.  She is not able to play netball or cricket for the next 2 weeks due to her theatre commitments so hopefully she won't hit it again for a while.

I'm catching up on my blog reading and will be able to start commenting again in a few days.

I hope everyone has a good stitching week.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday Stitching

I finished Sweet Flowers part 8 on Friday night

Part 9 has to be finished by October 10.
Here is what I did on it yesterday.

The kids have just started 2 weeks of school holidays and DH is going away for a week from Tuesday so I'm going to do lots of stitching.

The first week is going to be even quieter than I had planned.
This is DD's hand -

She had an accident with a craft knife at school on Thursday and the Dr had to glue her back together - the cut was too awkward for stitches.  It's not too bad, but the cut is on the back of her hand over the knuckle at the base of her index finger so we have to keep the finger still until next Saturday so it can heal.  I've strapped it up so she doesn't forget and try to use it. 
She's sad because she likes to climb up the mango tree in our backyard and sit there reading.

DH had last week off work and spent the time painting our house gutters and eaves with his Dad.
We got our roof repainted earlier in the year before the solar panels went on and the old gutters were a lovely 80's pink.
Old roof and gutters -

House showing repainted roof and gutters and solar panels.

The White house in more ways than one!! 

Looks like the garden needs some serious work.  The new roof colour is lighter than we planned but if it makes the house cooler in summer I don't care (we have no airconditioning)
The solar panels are fantastic.  We got a 5Kw system and we have a credit on our last electricity bill which was for the winter months when it was unusually wet and cold. 

We wish it was wet again, there's been no rain to speak of for the last 2 months.

I'm hoping to get caught up with my emails and blog reading over the holidays.  Since my last post we've had some nasty cold viruses through the house.  Everyone has been sick at some time except me and DD is still on antibiotics for a nasty cough.  I think they were playing tag - first DH, then DS, last DD.  I'll be glad when I have no sick/injured patients.
Looks like I will have to fight DD for computer time, she's waiting impatiently for her turn.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August TUSAL - I'm Back!

I'm still here, haven't fallen off the face of the earth if you were wondering. 
I have been busy stitching amongst other things, so I'll start with some photos.

First, TUSAL up to now

This is on my table next to my stitchy chair with my favourite Aussie flag scissors in front.

I have been busy and here are some finishes.

1. Pine Tree Inn by LHN, recommended fabric and threads

2. I did a box finishing class with Meari from ILCS yahoo group.
I chose to do Seaside Retreat from A Stitcher's Journey by Blackbird Designs.
I used Golden Wattle 32ct lugana from Stitches and Spice with Old Maid of the Sea HDF silk.

3. I joined the Sticklounge group in January and I have my first finish with them.
Thimble Collection designed by Karen of Sunshine-Stitches
I used a 32ct lugana with DMC

What am I working on now?

WIP 1.  Another Sticklounge piece - Many Years Ago Sampler designed by Gudi.
I'm using a pale violet 28ct Jobelan from Stitches and Spice with a custom colour by HDF.

I have finished parts 1 and 2.

WIP 2.  Sweet Flowers.
I had lots of problems with this piece last month.  Every time I did some stitching I had to pull out most of it and restitch because I was out with my counting.  After doing that for 2 weeks I was ready to throw it across the room, so I put it away for several weeks.  I picked it up again at the end of last week and finished part 7.  I am working on part 8 now and part 9 comes out at the end of the week so I'm hoping I don't end up too far behind again.

Well, that's the end of the stitching news, so the rest is about family and holidays.

We went up to Yeppoon to visit my Dad in June for a week of the winter school holidays.
This is the view from his deck looking out to Great Keppel Island.

Dawn, looking towards North Keppel Island. My favourite time of the day.

This is the Singing Ship at Emu Park which commemorates the landing of Captain James Cook in 1770.  Yes, it sings!

On the drive home we were waved to the side of the road and stopped by the police so this could go past. A dump truck body heading for one of the coal mines in Central Queensland.  Luckily it was on a 'good' section of the road - that's our national highway once you're more than a few hours north of Brisbane. 

Family life is still busy.  DS has made the top chess team at his school  - not bad for grade 10. He plays against other schools this term, but he trains all year.  He is also playing rugby this term.  This month he has to pick his subjects for grades 11 and 12.  It looks like his electives will be physics, IT  maths B (maths required for uni ) and maths C (maths useful for engineering at uni). He has to do English and Study of Religion (catholic school). He wanted to continue Japanese but has decided he probably should do both maths instead. He has no idea what he wants to do but his passion is IT. Out of school he is involved in the older scouts.

DD is even busier.  She is doing live musical theatre with the scouts. Rehersals started in July and they do 8 performances over 10 days in late October.  She has just finished winter netball and will start summer netball on Wednesday nights in October. She had a scare during her last netball game - came off at half time and asked me to take her to the first aid room to get a hurt finger taped up. The first aid lady said we should go to the hospital emergency department as she thought it was broken.  The doctor and nurse at the hospital thought the same, but luckily the x-ray was clear. They splinted it anyway as it was pretty sore, but the pain stopped after 4-5 days.
She has also signed up to play cricket again this summer, that will be on Saturday mornings. DD will be going to the scout Jamboree in January for 2 weeks.  It is held every 3 years and next year DD will be just old enough but it is in Queensland, only a few hours from Brisbane, so we said go for it.  She still needs to get some more experience camping in tents with the scouts before January, but she only moved up to the scouts in May.  DD also plays tennis, is in the school choir and does speech and drama lessons.  Her last eisteddfod was a few weeks ago so next up is the voice and drama exam in November.

DH is home at the moment.  He has been fighting a bad cold the last few weeks but he is going car racing this weekend so it is good he is starting to feel better.  DD is also away camping this weekend so it looks like it will be a quiet one for DS and I. 

I was trying to catch up on my blog reading before posting this, but it just wasn't happening.
If you have read all this, thank you.  If you leave a comment, you are awesome.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Wipocalypse

Yes, I know I've missed March's Wipocalypse and Tusal.

Warning - picture heavy.

I joined the Sticklounge Yahoo group in January and I had to pick a project and finish a page by the end of March.  Of course I forgot about this until March. I had fabric and threads ready for my chosen project so after 2 weeks of stitching I finished this in time.

OES page 1 of 20
Old European Sampler, HDF silk threads, 32ct lugana, 2x2. 
A free download of the Sampler can be found here.

I have also been working on my Sweet Flowers SAL.  The next part comes out on Tuesday.  I still have to do the backstitching on part 5, but this section is mostly finished.

Sweet Flowers part 2 and 5

Here is the whole piece.
Sweet Flowers part 1, 2, 5

I was going to try to finish some smaller stitching pieces this year, but I've committed to 2 BAPs which both have deadlines. What was I thinking?

We had brunch at the parents in law today.
I made a raspberry and white chocolate blondie yesterday (kitchen smelled good) and some scones this morning.  Here are some photos of the leftovers.

Raspberry and white chocolate blondie


This is the only way to eat them - with strawberry jam and whipped cream!

We've had some work done on our roof. Cleaning, broken tiles replaced, ridge capping rebedded and repointed, then finally repainted.  We wanted a lighter colour to reflect more heat, so it still looks odd to us.  We will paint the gutters a dark grey.  It took 2 weeks from start to finish as our roof area is huge and the weather was iffy most days.  Of course we have had glorious weather since it was finished - note the sky in both pictures!  Final cost - around $10K

roof ready for painting

roof repainted
Next is a 5kW solar power system, the deposit is paid and the installers are coming next week for a site inspection.  Hopefully the solar panels will be on the roof and connected to the electricity grid within a few months.

Thanks for looking at my blog.  Happy Easter to those who are celebrating it.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I was given a blog award by Theresa at
Theresa is my godmother on the Sticklounge group.  Thanks Theresa!

Some background: Liebster is a German word, meaning favourite, dearest or beloved and the Liebster is awarded by bloggers to other, newer bloggers, who have fewer than 200 followers, to spread the word and help the new(er)bies gain wider recognition. The award comes with four conditions that each recipient must satisfy when accepting:

1. Choose five up-and-coming blogs (with fewer than 200 followers) to award the Liebster to.
2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3. Post the award on your blog. List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their sites. Leave comments on their blogs so they know about the award.
4. Share 5 random facts about yourself that people don't know about you

Here are the bloggers I am passing the award onto.

1. Shaunterria at  - a new and enthusiastic stitcher.

2. Jo at

3. Shelley at

4.  Libbie at because everyone needs cow photos!

5.  Katrien at

5 random facts about me.
  1. I grew up in the bush on a cattle station in Central Queensland. Yes, we had a pet kangaroo raised from a joey.
  2. Thus, I spent 11 years at boarding school starting at age 6. First year of schooling was by lessons in the mail.
  3. I don't drink coffee - can't stand the smell or taste.
  4. I have a Science degree with honours in Zoology -managed to get through uni without coffee!
  5. I am addicted to reading.

Stitching update coming next.

Monday, February 27, 2012

In a stitching slump

Sadly I haven't done any stitching recently.  I think I'm starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms.  But, I can show you some pictures at last. 
Warning - long post.

First, I received this from Debbie Jo for the winter smalls exchange for ILCS.
A needlebook with pins and needles included, and Carrie's Creation threads in Polar Bear and Smoke. 

Needlebook details

I love it, thank you Debbie Jo.

This is what I sent Shelly

28ct lugana Days Gone By (Silkweavers)
DMC threads 2 over 2

Snowman freebie pattern from gazette94 found here 
This is my first crazy 15 finish.

I also made Shelly a triangular ort container, tutorial here at Needling Things

I made the opening a little bigger as I found it difficult getting threads out. I'll be making more of these.

I Won a Gift!
I won a giveaway on Kaye's blog Kitten Stitching
She sent me a Prairie Schooler pattern, page flags, udder cream, a charm and some mini pegs with hearts.

Thank you Kaye.

Sweet Flowers
Part 1 of Sweet Flowers is finished.  I am doing this over 2 on 32ct fabric so it will be huge, but it is easier to stitch.

Sweet Flowers
DMC 3722, 223 on 32ct Belfast

The next 2 sections arrived yesterday so they are first on my to do list.
The pattern can now be purchased at Aquarelle

Family news
Nana's funeral was on the Wednesday afternoon after she passed away.  DH (world traveller) changed his departing flight to Thursday.  The first week he was gone I slept badly.  You'd think I would be used to it but I still miss him when he is not here.

DD had her high school interview on the Wednesday morning before the funeral.  The process for this school is apply in grade 5 (last year) interviews and offers in grade 6 (now) for a start in grade 8 (2014).  We got the letter offering her a place a week later.  She will be going to a private (Catholic) girls high school. 
DD also received the top Cub Scout award (Grey Wolf badge) recently.  She is not enjoying Cubs anymore because she is the only girl in her group now, so she will be starting to link with the Scouts this week.  Cubs (7-10yrs) and Scouts(11-15yrs) can have girl members as well as boys in Australia.  DS is in the process joining the older Scouts - Venturers(15-18yrs). So, I'm out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights dropping one or the other at the Scout den.

DH got back from the US a week ago Sunday. He had a few hours at home then flew to Sydney that night. We thought he would get more sleep than if he stayed at home and got the early morning flight to Sydney.  His plane ended up in Melbourne because of storms - they circled Newcastle for a while then had one aborted landing attempt at Sydney before being sent to circle Canberra (after Sydney curfew kicked in) then eventually landed in Melbourne.  He checked into his hotel room at 1.30am and checked out at 4.30am to catch his morning flight to Sydney!  He got back home from Sydney Tuesday night, Wednesday was prep for day surgery Thursday.  The first few nights I was up every 4 hours getting painkillers for him.  DH has been lying on the sofa where I sit to stitch, so no stitching for me - I can't see without my light.

Friday night I had to get DS at 10.30 pm after his chess tournament.  We had a severe weather warning for heavy rain at the time.  I hate driving in the rain at night!  The silver lining from the rain - both DS and DD's cricket games were cancelled for Saturday!  Woohoo, a Saturday off.  I read blogs until I came down with DD's head cold.  I'm still feeling crummy today so I'm taking it easy.
DH has a car racing long weekend starting Friday but he doesn't know if he will be well enough yet. He'll decide Thursday or Friday.  Yes, he organised his operation around car racing and work trips overseas.

DMIL's operation is next Monday.  DH is off to Europe a few days after that, so I'll be busy again.  I have some small projects I can take while I visit DMIL in hospital and at her home.

Okay, that's enough for now, it's time for lunch.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tusal - Feb

Here is my Tusal for this month.  Information on the Tusal can be found on Daffycat's blog here

Lots of pink threads from Sweet Flowers.  Pic is looking out on the side yard from the sewing room bathroom window - some green for those of you in the northern hemisphere!

I'm starting fresh every month so here is my bigger Tusal container with threads from this year next to my Australian flag scissors.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sad News

Nana passed away last night (DMILs mother).  She was in pallative care, but still sad news.

More bad news - last Wednesday DMIL was diagnosed with kidney cancer. She put the surgery off until next month so she could be with her mother.  One kidney needs to be removed, the other is fine. We won't know until after the surgery whether she needs more treatment.

DH was leaving for overseas on Wednesday but will try to put this off a few days.

So, no stitching done here lately.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Playing with fabric and thread

I have a finish! - but I can't show you because it is for an exchange.  I finished the stitching on Friday and made it into an ornament on Sunday.  It was posted today so should arrive at the new home within 10 days.  I'll put up photos when I know it has arrived. 
Due to the weather I was able to spend Saturday in the sewing room getting reaquainted with my sewing machine.  I had a great time learning how to make a new object - photos later as well!

I can show you this -

Sweet Flowers SAL - Gravestone 32ct linen from Stitches and Spice, DMC threads.
I have chosen my own thread combination to go with my fabric.
I'll be working on this section this week.

Not quite washed away last week. The rain started on Monday lunchtime and stopped this morning. The biggest fall was on Tuesday - 250mm (10inches) measured on Wednesday morning.  Altogether for the week we had over 425mm (17 inches) so the ground is still a bit soggy. To put things in perspective the average rainfall for January here is 160mm.  No damage, only some minor flooding in local creeks. Not like the big floods last year.

I sent DD out in the rain to run of some energy on Saturday morning. Here she is standing under the gutter overflow.

I had her retested on Tuesday - still allergic to peanuts so  I have to check again in another 2 years. The Dr gave us a practice epipen which will be good for Grandparents, cub scout leaders, etc.  I am confident she could inject herself if required.

Both kids are back at school so getting back into the homework and activities routine.  It's a struggle for me as well to have everyone out the door by 7.45am to do the school run, and also to have everyone in bed at a decent hour.
On that note I shall stop and try to get some stitching in before it's time for bed!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Lots of pink from Sweet Flowers. A wet day in the background - about 200mm in just over 24 hours and the same forecast for tomorrow.


Not a lot of stitching done this weekend - only Friday night actually. No photos because I'm working on my winter exchange piece for ILCS yahoo group. 
Saturday was housework and out for dinner to celebrate DS's birthday.
Sunday I was busy covering books and naming pencils, etc for DD's first day back at school this week. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy January Day 15

Day 15
Sweet Flowers SAL

Phew, I have started all 15.  Now, I just want to spend more time on each one before I move to the next on the list.  I have one that needs to be finished by the end of the month for an exchange and I want to spend some more time on Sweet Flowers.

DH is ok, just needs a small op (can be done in day surgery) followed by a week off work so will probably have that done next month.  Glad it wasn't cancer!

It's raining here so I'm going to do a few hours stitching this afternoon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Crazy January Day 14

Day 14
Blue Moon SK by Haed (2012 SAL)
22ct Lugana 2 x 1.

I'm running a day behind with day 15. DH arrived home from o'seas yesterday and today(16th) is DS's 15th birthday.  Today is also DH's appointment with the specialist.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crazy January Day 12, 13

Day 12
Winter Sheep by LHN

Day 13
A Mystery stitch for the ILCS winter exchange

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crazy January Day 10, 11

Day 10
Pirates Creed by Sue Hillis Designs

I was going great with this until I took it off the Q-snaps and realized I'd stitched it with the fabric the wrong way.  I've unpicked everything and put it back in the box to be restarted later.

Day 11
Merry Skater by LHN
Not much done on this - I started about 10.30pm and battled the heat and flying bugs attracted to my light.

Crazy January Day 8, 9

Day 8
That Kind of Stitcher by CherryWood Design Studios

Day 9
Good Things by LK

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WIPocalypse #1

Well, apart from stitching hiccups in the last 2 days, I have stitched every day this year. I have 7 starts on my Crazy January so far.  See posts below for photos. 
Sunday I wasn't feeling well and yesterday was 35C so no stitching done either days.

Crazy January Day 6, 7

Day 6
Snowy Pines by LHN

Day 7
Peppermint Twist by LHN
I love this one!