Friday, October 19, 2012

MYA part 3

I've just finished part 3 of the Many Years Ago sampler I'm doing with the sticklounge yahoo group.

It's opening night tonight for DD's theatre performance.  Lots of late nights coming up in the next 10 days.  Her friend in the cast broke her leg at the start of the week but is still performing in some of her items, just with modified movements. 


cucki said...

beautiful wip xx

Nancy said...

Great stitching! Did anyone tell your daughter's friend that break a leg is a figure of speech meaning good luck for performances.....and that she really shouldn't do it? I hope she recovers quickly and am glad that she is still able to perform.

Jo said...

wonderful, hope DD's performance goes well.

Carol said...

Best of luck to your daughter tonight!! Your WIP is looking so pretty, Kate :)

Joysze said...

Looking great, Kate!

Tell DD to break a leg... but not like her friend. ;)