Sunday, March 29, 2015

SFS - March

Stitch From Stash March Report

Month:  March
Carryover from previous months:  $100
Allowed spending  $25
Spent:  $0
Earned:  $0
Balance:  $125

Fall Mandala is nearly finished!

I was going to stitch on this today but I've ended up working most of the day while keeping one eye on the cricket final on TV.  We have a short week coming up before the Easter break as Friday is a public holiday.  DD has 2 weeks holidays after this week and we are going to Mooloolaba for 5 nights from Easter Monday.  If I take some stitching I also need to take a portable light and some magnifying glasses as I can't see to stitch with using a magnifier.  It might be easier to just take a few books.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

SFS - February

Stitch From Stash February Report

Month:  February
Carryover from January:   $75
Allowed Spending:  $25
Spent:   $0
Earned:   $0
Balance:   $100

I've done a bit more stitching on Fall Mandala

I've got itchy fingers!  I'm torn between continuing this or starting something small so I can have a finish.  I think I'll do another 10 hours and see how I feel after that.

The aussie dollar is shocking at the moment and postage is very expensive from my favourite US online store so I'm making sure I really want something (or several somethings) before I make a purchase.
On the other hand, I brought lots of patterns, fabrics and threads a few years ago when the dollar was very high so I have lots of choice from my stash.