Monday, February 27, 2012

In a stitching slump

Sadly I haven't done any stitching recently.  I think I'm starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms.  But, I can show you some pictures at last. 
Warning - long post.

First, I received this from Debbie Jo for the winter smalls exchange for ILCS.
A needlebook with pins and needles included, and Carrie's Creation threads in Polar Bear and Smoke. 

Needlebook details

I love it, thank you Debbie Jo.

This is what I sent Shelly

28ct lugana Days Gone By (Silkweavers)
DMC threads 2 over 2

Snowman freebie pattern from gazette94 found here 
This is my first crazy 15 finish.

I also made Shelly a triangular ort container, tutorial here at Needling Things

I made the opening a little bigger as I found it difficult getting threads out. I'll be making more of these.

I Won a Gift!
I won a giveaway on Kaye's blog Kitten Stitching
She sent me a Prairie Schooler pattern, page flags, udder cream, a charm and some mini pegs with hearts.

Thank you Kaye.

Sweet Flowers
Part 1 of Sweet Flowers is finished.  I am doing this over 2 on 32ct fabric so it will be huge, but it is easier to stitch.

Sweet Flowers
DMC 3722, 223 on 32ct Belfast

The next 2 sections arrived yesterday so they are first on my to do list.
The pattern can now be purchased at Aquarelle

Family news
Nana's funeral was on the Wednesday afternoon after she passed away.  DH (world traveller) changed his departing flight to Thursday.  The first week he was gone I slept badly.  You'd think I would be used to it but I still miss him when he is not here.

DD had her high school interview on the Wednesday morning before the funeral.  The process for this school is apply in grade 5 (last year) interviews and offers in grade 6 (now) for a start in grade 8 (2014).  We got the letter offering her a place a week later.  She will be going to a private (Catholic) girls high school. 
DD also received the top Cub Scout award (Grey Wolf badge) recently.  She is not enjoying Cubs anymore because she is the only girl in her group now, so she will be starting to link with the Scouts this week.  Cubs (7-10yrs) and Scouts(11-15yrs) can have girl members as well as boys in Australia.  DS is in the process joining the older Scouts - Venturers(15-18yrs). So, I'm out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights dropping one or the other at the Scout den.

DH got back from the US a week ago Sunday. He had a few hours at home then flew to Sydney that night. We thought he would get more sleep than if he stayed at home and got the early morning flight to Sydney.  His plane ended up in Melbourne because of storms - they circled Newcastle for a while then had one aborted landing attempt at Sydney before being sent to circle Canberra (after Sydney curfew kicked in) then eventually landed in Melbourne.  He checked into his hotel room at 1.30am and checked out at 4.30am to catch his morning flight to Sydney!  He got back home from Sydney Tuesday night, Wednesday was prep for day surgery Thursday.  The first few nights I was up every 4 hours getting painkillers for him.  DH has been lying on the sofa where I sit to stitch, so no stitching for me - I can't see without my light.

Friday night I had to get DS at 10.30 pm after his chess tournament.  We had a severe weather warning for heavy rain at the time.  I hate driving in the rain at night!  The silver lining from the rain - both DS and DD's cricket games were cancelled for Saturday!  Woohoo, a Saturday off.  I read blogs until I came down with DD's head cold.  I'm still feeling crummy today so I'm taking it easy.
DH has a car racing long weekend starting Friday but he doesn't know if he will be well enough yet. He'll decide Thursday or Friday.  Yes, he organised his operation around car racing and work trips overseas.

DMIL's operation is next Monday.  DH is off to Europe a few days after that, so I'll be busy again.  I have some small projects I can take while I visit DMIL in hospital and at her home.

Okay, that's enough for now, it's time for lunch.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tusal - Feb

Here is my Tusal for this month.  Information on the Tusal can be found on Daffycat's blog here

Lots of pink threads from Sweet Flowers.  Pic is looking out on the side yard from the sewing room bathroom window - some green for those of you in the northern hemisphere!

I'm starting fresh every month so here is my bigger Tusal container with threads from this year next to my Australian flag scissors.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sad News

Nana passed away last night (DMILs mother).  She was in pallative care, but still sad news.

More bad news - last Wednesday DMIL was diagnosed with kidney cancer. She put the surgery off until next month so she could be with her mother.  One kidney needs to be removed, the other is fine. We won't know until after the surgery whether she needs more treatment.

DH was leaving for overseas on Wednesday but will try to put this off a few days.

So, no stitching done here lately.