Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Wipocalypse

Yes, I know I've missed March's Wipocalypse and Tusal.

Warning - picture heavy.

I joined the Sticklounge Yahoo group in January and I had to pick a project and finish a page by the end of March.  Of course I forgot about this until March. I had fabric and threads ready for my chosen project so after 2 weeks of stitching I finished this in time.

OES page 1 of 20
Old European Sampler, HDF silk threads, 32ct lugana, 2x2. 
A free download of the Sampler can be found here.

I have also been working on my Sweet Flowers SAL.  The next part comes out on Tuesday.  I still have to do the backstitching on part 5, but this section is mostly finished.

Sweet Flowers part 2 and 5

Here is the whole piece.
Sweet Flowers part 1, 2, 5

I was going to try to finish some smaller stitching pieces this year, but I've committed to 2 BAPs which both have deadlines. What was I thinking?

We had brunch at the parents in law today.
I made a raspberry and white chocolate blondie yesterday (kitchen smelled good) and some scones this morning.  Here are some photos of the leftovers.

Raspberry and white chocolate blondie


This is the only way to eat them - with strawberry jam and whipped cream!

We've had some work done on our roof. Cleaning, broken tiles replaced, ridge capping rebedded and repointed, then finally repainted.  We wanted a lighter colour to reflect more heat, so it still looks odd to us.  We will paint the gutters a dark grey.  It took 2 weeks from start to finish as our roof area is huge and the weather was iffy most days.  Of course we have had glorious weather since it was finished - note the sky in both pictures!  Final cost - around $10K

roof ready for painting

roof repainted
Next is a 5kW solar power system, the deposit is paid and the installers are coming next week for a site inspection.  Hopefully the solar panels will be on the roof and connected to the electricity grid within a few months.

Thanks for looking at my blog.  Happy Easter to those who are celebrating it.


Denise SA said...

I love your sampler start I have that one downloaded somewhere. Your colours for sweet flowers are gorgeous. And what a good idea to paint your roof lighter and install solar power.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wow, 20 pages, that's a definite BAP!
I love the sweet flowers too, great colour choices in both.

Meari said...

The roof sure looks different painted the lighter color.

Your stitching looks nice. Your baked goodies look scrumptious!

Kaisievic said...

Those blondies sure look good.