Monday, January 30, 2012

Playing with fabric and thread

I have a finish! - but I can't show you because it is for an exchange.  I finished the stitching on Friday and made it into an ornament on Sunday.  It was posted today so should arrive at the new home within 10 days.  I'll put up photos when I know it has arrived. 
Due to the weather I was able to spend Saturday in the sewing room getting reaquainted with my sewing machine.  I had a great time learning how to make a new object - photos later as well!

I can show you this -

Sweet Flowers SAL - Gravestone 32ct linen from Stitches and Spice, DMC threads.
I have chosen my own thread combination to go with my fabric.
I'll be working on this section this week.

Not quite washed away last week. The rain started on Monday lunchtime and stopped this morning. The biggest fall was on Tuesday - 250mm (10inches) measured on Wednesday morning.  Altogether for the week we had over 425mm (17 inches) so the ground is still a bit soggy. To put things in perspective the average rainfall for January here is 160mm.  No damage, only some minor flooding in local creeks. Not like the big floods last year.

I sent DD out in the rain to run of some energy on Saturday morning. Here she is standing under the gutter overflow.

I had her retested on Tuesday - still allergic to peanuts so  I have to check again in another 2 years. The Dr gave us a practice epipen which will be good for Grandparents, cub scout leaders, etc.  I am confident she could inject herself if required.

Both kids are back at school so getting back into the homework and activities routine.  It's a struggle for me as well to have everyone out the door by 7.45am to do the school run, and also to have everyone in bed at a decent hour.
On that note I shall stop and try to get some stitching in before it's time for bed!


cucki said...

hello dear, very sweet it so much..
we are having lots of rain here as well..
sweet picture of your DD..
sending you hugs and love xxx

Meari said...

You got a good start on Flowers. No rain here, just snow and most of it will melt away today with temps in the 40's.

Denise SA said...

Like the colours on the stitching. We could do with some rain here it has been over a year since we had any significant rainfall. Everything is so dusty.

Emily in NC said...

Like the colors you chose, it is very nice. 17", yikes that is alot of rain.

Carolyn NC said...

Congested on the finish! Nice progress on your flowers, too. Cute pic of DD!

Nancy M said...

Look forward to seeing what you and your sewing machine did!! I can't wait to get my room back and have a working table in front of a window! Since it's winter here,it's strange to see someone in shorts out in the rain!I forget it's not cold everywhere!

Elena said...

Very good progress on Sweet Flower. By the way, like the color. I can't wait to see more pics.

Sally said...

Beautiful progress Kate. I love the colour you're using.

Mindi said...

Lovely progress on Sweet Flowers, you picked out some really pretty colors.

I'm just starting to realize how hard it can be to live with a peanut allergy, there are so many foods with labels saying manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts.