Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Romantic Rose Garden Progress

It's been a while since I worked on this piece.

current page

Overall progress

I started doing this on Q-snaps 14 x 14 because I didn't want to have to move it around very much with the beads and I can't wash the fabric creases out afterwards with the silk threads.  But, it's too big and I can't reach the top easily, so I'm thinking of changing to 14 x 11.  The border won't fit now so I will have to move the q-snaps around whatever I do.  I love the portability of the Q-snaps and I already have hypnotic set up on my floor stand so I don't want to put this on scroll rods.  I have wool batting under the snaps to protect the fabric and I'm hoping the beads will be ok with this.  Am I worrying about this too much?  I am using 32ct linen.
What have others done in this case?  Any thoughts and ideas are welcome.

DD had a great day on Sunday and DH arrived home around 1pm, just a few hours late.


Gabi said...

Your Mandala looks fantastic.
You don't need wool batting now already don't you? The beads are not touching the edges yet.

There are lots of people who bead the delicas and the swarovskis as they go. I beaded the Hawaiian Mandala immediately, but had a protective layer (a towel) rolled into the scroll rod to protect the fabric. And I didn't even put the swarovski's on until the end. I still damaged my fabric when I forgot the towel once. Thank god that stayed invisible because it was at a spot of solid stitching. After that I was very careful to always have the towel there. Some people don't have any problems with the beads...I don't know how they do it. I need a certain tension and work larger pieces on scroll rods.
The Alpine Season garden I waited with beading until all stitching was finished. Was a bit daunting to put so many beads on in one go, but it was less stressful for me.
I will do the same again when I start Holland Springtime. No beading until it's finished.

Meari said...

Your WIP looks great. I'm saving all the beading on JG until the end.

Shelley said...

Your mandala looks awesome :)

chrisstitches said...

Very elegant. You do very beautiful work.

Patches said...

Lovely progress. I am leaving the beading til the end for my Chatelaine so i'm not much help.

htimcj said...

Your stitching looks great! I have a hard time with beads and qsnaps. The covers just go over them very well.

Katrien said...

That's a gorgeous project. You've made some lovely progress on it. I've never done any beading, so no help there.

stitchin' girl said...

This mandala is beautiful! Your stitching is fabulous.

Nancy M said...

This is a pretty piece. When I did my Chatelaine I used scrolls, beaded as I went and put a piece of felt in it as I rolled it so the beads didn't indent the rolled fabric. I didn't add the crystals until the end though.

Carol's Stitching said...

Beautiful design and you are doing a beautiful job stitching it. I usually wait on beading until the very end and that is what I am currently doing with my BAP (22000+ stitches) while working on QSnaps. Good luck and will be back to visit soon!

Lynn said...

Hi..well...SOME day I'll start work on one of these really BIG projects! ha! Well, probably not! I get bored too easily! Enjoy looking through your blog tho!
Thanks for stopping by MY blog and you are added to my little "Traveling Stash" drawing! Lots of goodies in that big envie!