Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Finish and another WIP


Last weekend I finished Pear Tree.

Pear Tree by LHN using recommended threads.

This was the last of my small wips.

My next wip is Fall Mandala by Ink Circles.
The center section was where I stopped ages ago.  Now I've done the black outline along the top and started filling in the colours.  I'm loving using the silk HDF threads.

Farmers Market

Just across the road from the end of my street there used to be a branch of a university campus.  It closed several years ago and was taken over by the State Government as office accommodation for government employees opening this year with shops and accommodation units planned down the track as well as a bus station.  It is also very close to the train station.  There are lots of green spaces with trees which is all I see when I look out the front windows so the only hassle for us is the increased traffic making it difficult to get out of our street sometimes.  We also get a few cars parked in our street during the week because there are 1000 workers over there. 

In the middle of this year a Market started there every Saturday morning from 6am-12md.  There are over 150 stalls selling lots of different things but my favourite are the ones selling local fresh fruit.  I haven't been over for ages because we've been flat out on Saturday mornings but I walked over there this morning and got this pile of fruit.

Oranges, apples, pears, some early stonefruit - peaches, nectarines, punnet of cherries, giant rockmelon, first MANGOES of the season, and a small punnet of mulberries. I couldn't carry any more!  In another few weeks I'll start buying mangoes by the box because they don't last long in this house.

I also picked up some of these for lunch - 

Half a kg of local Mooloolaba prawns. 


DS finishes school (for good) in 2 weeks and DD finishes in 3 weeks.  So, we are flying to New Zealand for a week in early December.  We are going to hire a car and drive around some of the South Island, landing in Christchurch and flying out of Queenstown.  I need to get organized and book accommodation.  We are looking forward to the break.


cucki said...

Beautiful finish my dear
Well done
Have a great weekend x

Vickie said...

Nice finish. That fall mandala is going to be fabulous!
What a great break coming up in the future.

Deb said...

Very pretty work!!