Sunday, February 15, 2015

Grow Your Blog Giveaway and stitching update

First, thank you to everyone who visited and commented during the Grow Your Blog party.
I have drawn the name of the winner out of the giveaway bowl.

Debbie, you have won a gift voucher to 123stitch.

Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments about Fall Mandala.
I sat down a few weeks ago and very carefully frogged out the thread that didn't match.

Then, I very carefully restitched it and frogged out the thread that I had run out of!

I must remember to double check my colours before I do any frogging in future!

Once I got past that hurdle I managed to fill in the top quarter.

Now, I am working my way down the right side doing the black outlines.

DH has been home for the last week and has been very busy getting his new race car ready for racing next weekend.  He and DS are leaving on Friday morning and getting back on Sunday afternoon.  DH flies to the US the following morning for another week away.  He has been struggling a bit with jet lag.  This is his timetable since late January - 2 weeks away, 2 weeks home, 1 week away - it's no fun flying to the other side of the world so often.  He is back in Australia a bit in March, but looks like he has a trip to Germany before Easter.  He was talking about ducking over to Singapore in March but I don't think he can fit that in.

DD is busy at school.  She has joined a tennis team at school and is playing against other schools on Saturday mornings. Her lesson and team training is early Monday and Tuesday mornings at school.  She is in 2 choirs at school, rehearsals are Wednesday morning and afternoons.  One is the auditioned choir which she was asked to join at the end of last year - there are only about 15 members taken from the whole school.  She also has singing lessons Wednesday lunchtime at school.  She didn't get her singing ability from me!

She is still playing club netball, her team finished 2nd on the ladder after the summer season and is into the semi-finals starting this Wednesday night.   Grading for the winter netball season is this Saturday.    She has early starts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at school, and netball on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  She also has Scouts on Friday night.  We have to leave at 6.30am on Saturday morning for tennis.
I'm exhausted and she wants to add a second tennis lesson every week!  Maybe next term.

My tailbone is still not great, the worst is when I'm driving or sitting on a hard seat for a while. Getting up from a chair can by quite painful.  The doctor said 6-8 weeks, but we've been told by a few friends that it can take up to 2 years.  Luckily, stitching doesn't seem to be too painful.

The heat and humidity have gone and the weather here is back to perfect again.

Thank you for visiting.


Brigitte said...

Sorry that you had to frog so much but now your Mandala piece is showing a lot of progress.
Hopefully the healing of your tailbone will not take two years (yikes). I once fell on it and it took about 9 months that all the pain was gone. You just need a lot of patience.

Debbie said...

Your mandala looks beautiful! And no more frogging.

Have you tried a memory foam cushion for the chair or in the car? Hopefully things improve soon and not the 'up to 2 years'.

And thank you, it appears that you've drawn my name on your giveaway. My goodness, a lovely surprise, thank you again!

Vickie said...

The Mandala looks great and you can feel very good about it too now.
I am sorry you are still having such pain.
What does your husband do for a career?

Meari said...

Sorry to hear you're in pain. I hope it doesn't take 2 years to go away. :(

Stitching looks good. Very autumn-y.

Maureen said...

Oh you have my sympathy over the tailbone - I cracked mine a few years back, it can get a bit nippy!

Love the mandala