Monday, January 4, 2010

View From My Sewing Room Window

Member of the online group scquilters have been talking about their sewing room views and posting photos on their blogs.

Here is my sewing room view.  The room faces east and is at the front of the house.  It has a big bay window.  Looking out I can see our front yard, the road and the neighbours houses, and the trees in the nature reserve.  We've had lots of rain recently so the grass is a lovely green.

This room was the original main bedroom before another (bigger) master bedroom was added just after the house was built.  I use this as the sewing room/spare bedroom/ironing room.  It has lots of built in cupboards and a walk in wardrobe (all full of stash) and an ensuite.  In the room there is the spare bed and a desk where I put the sewing machine.  It gets great breezes and is a good place to have a nap on hot Sunday afternoons.

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