Monday, November 28, 2011


No stitching photos, but I thought I'd share these.

This is my cat, Lexi, pretending to be asleep on a hot afternoon and ignoring the camera.
'I wish you'd stop bothering me'

Here is where DH and I went for our weekend away - Novotel Twin Waters Resort. I walked around the lagoon and found a nice spot for a photo.  The weather was beautiful.

Looking across the lagoon to the main resort area.

We walked to the beach from the resort and strolled in the water.  When I'm walking on the beach I have to get my feet wet.  This is looking south. 
Sunshine Coast beach

We are heading off to the beach again on Saturday for our holiday. We are staying about 10 minutes south of where the photo above was taken, but in the centre of Mooloolaba.  DH left for North America yesterday and will be back the morning we leave.

I have found 15 starts for my Crazy January Challenge. They are listed on the page and I'll add photos soon.

I'll post about my giveaway tomorrow.


Shelley said...

Love the pics. That beach looks so warm and peaceful!!

You are nobody until you've been ignored by a cat :)

Nancy M said...

Lovely beach pictures! Your DH must have TONS of frequent flyer miles!

Meari said...

The resort beach looks gorgeous! With it getting cold here, it makes me wish I were there!

Love the kitty pic :)

Hely said...

aaw the kitty is soooo cute! <3

Patches said...

Wow gorgeous beach!

Jo said...

It looks so beautiful and warm, just right now the winter has hit the UK. Hope you have a fantastic time.

Donna said...

love the kitty and the beach looks so nice this time of year. getting ready for snow here.