Sunday, February 3, 2013

Giveaway Winner is...

The winner of the Good Things chart is ...


Congrats cucki, drop me an email with your address and I'll get it in the mail tomorrow.

Well, we survived the storm with little damage here.  Official it was an ex tropical cyclone, but I'm calling it a category 1 cyclone.  I've been through a few up north while I was growing up and it was exactly the same.  The wind was at its worst in the early hours of Monday morning and I got up at one stage and watched the kitchen windows flexing, then decided I couldn'd do anything if they broke so went back to bed and listened to the roof creaking and groaning.  The wind was still gusty until Monday lunchtime.  Power went out in lots of places, some friends lost power for 2-3 days, but only a few flickers here.  Terrible floods up north in Bundaberg and other smaller towns.

Kids are back at school so we are slowly getting back into routine.  DH is away for another week.  I'll be glad when he is back.  I had to relight our gas hot water system yesterday morning after a cold shower.  It is outside and goes off every week or so - don't ask.  It took me 4 -5 goes to get it going again - lying on the ground holding down one button with one hand then pressing the ignition button repeatedly with the other hand while pressing my face into the grass and peering inside the system looking for a tiny flame, stopping when I smelt gas, turning everything off then waiting 5 minutes and doing it all again.  I was just glad it didn't go out while we were getting all the wind and rain, or it would have been cold showers for all of us for a few days.

Well, DS has nearly finished mowing the lawn, so I'd better get started on dinner.


Nicola said...

Congratulations cucki and thank you Kate for the giveaway.

cucki said...

aww me so happy :)
thank you dear..i will mail you just now..
love x