Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good Things Finished

This was one of my crazy starts last year. 

Good Things
Designer: Lizzie Kate
Finished 27 January 2013

I'm going to give away the chart so leave a comment if you would like it.  If more than one wants it, comment by Friday and I'll draw a name next weekend.  Chart only, no fabric or threads included.  I will post overseas.

I needed to do something to distract me from the weather.  It's Sunday night and we are expecting several more hours of strong winds, heavy rain.  Still under a (mini) tornado watch - never expected that in Brisbane!  Not sure that a watch is very helpful as they are over in less than a minute and can't be seen coming!  Nevertheless, we are advised to stay indoors and this morning I moved all outdoor loose items into the garage.  We have had nearly 250mm  (10 inches) of rain in the last 2 days - most in the last 24 hours. The wind started getting unpleasant from this afternoon, but luckily the only issue I've had is a leak in the kitchen window so I've got a couple of towels on the kitchen bench which I wring out every hour or so.  The pool is overflowing but it can wait until tomorrow.  I did duck outside to empty the raingauge because I was worried the wind would blow it over. 
Up late again tonight to keep an eye on things.  Maybe I'll be able to do more stitching!


Kaisievic said...

Hi Kate, good luck with the storm. It sounds like you have battened the hatches down well. Lovely finish, please count me in the giveaway for the pattern. I am in Melbourne, Vic, so you could send some of your rain down our way if you like.
Hugs, Kaye.

cucki said...

hello dear, stay safe from the storm..
aww very cute finish..please count me in the giveaway for this sweet pattern..i so much wanted to stitch it to..
hugs cucki x

pam said...

Very cute and fast finish I am sure. I would love to stitch it. Hopefully no nasty storms for you.

Myra said...

Cute finish! It looks great on the linen you chose. No need to put my name in the hat - so much to stitch, so little time. LOL

Denise SA said...

It's beautiful and I would love to win it. Thank you for the chance

Maureen said...

Sweet finish! Hope you haven't been washed away yet.

McKenna C. said...

How pretty!

I would love to win it!


Nancy M said...

Cute finish! I was just watching our national news and Australia made news because of the flooding. Hope you aren't washed away yet!

Nicola said...

We have been watching the weather via Sky News, Australia seems to get some extremes. I hope you have come through without too much damage. Living on a headland overlooking the sea we know how powerful the wind can be.

Marcy said...

Sounds like you need to build an ark. Stay safe!

I would love to stitch Good Things. Please include me.

Stress Less said...

Great finish. I would love to be entered into the drawing. Hope the weather has improved for you.