Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sad News

Sad, but not unexpected.  DH's grandfather passed away just hours after I last posted on January 10th.  He would have been 93 on January 26 (Australia Day).  His funeral was last Wednesday - yes, DS's 16th birthday.  My mother in law has lost both her parents in the last 12 months.  At least DH was in Australia, he leaves tomorrow for nearly 3 weeks.  We didn't tell DD until she arrived home on the Sunday before the funeral. 

DS passed his learner's test on Thursday and we've started taking him out to quiet car parks to get used to starting and changing gears before we get him on the roads.  He has to log 100 hours of supervised driving and be 17 before he can do his practical driving test. 

DD had a wonderful time at the scout jamboree.  I took her to a podiatrist last week because she has been complaining of a sore foot - the one she hurt at netball 18 months ago - she has a damaged ligament and needs orthortics.  Now, she has her instep taped up.  I saw 3 different medical people when she did it and while they all said different things, none picked up the ligament damage. It didn't slow her down or stop her running, playing sport, etc.  Only now she tells me it has been hurting all the time!  We did an 11 km hike in Tasmania and she was running ahead all day.

I still have to track down the Tassie photos - they're on DH's work computer so I need to get them tonight.

I haven't done any stitching to speak of.  It has been hot and humid, not good stitching weather and I wasn't in the mood for it last week.  Only another week until the school chaos starts and I am out 4 nights a week with various kids activities. 

After last year I've decided to limit my stitching commitments this year and not do any SALs.  I haven't even set any goals, just to do what I can around family obligations.  I will be having a giveaway soon to thank my readers.


McKenna C. said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! Your family will be in my prayers.


Kaisievic said...

So sorry for your loss but 93 is a grand old age. He must have had a wonderful life. My condolences, Kaye

cucki said...

I am so sorry for your loss! Your family are all in my prayers.

DJH said...

I am sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Nicola said...

I am sorry for your loss, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Oh my, never easy teaching a child to drive. I hope your nerves are strong. I

Debbie said...

Hi Kate,
Sorry for your loss.

I look forward to hearing how the driving lessons go ...I remember them well with my daughter!

Anne Sans Tete -- Nome de plume! said...

I'm very sorry to hear about DH's grandfather. You're in my thoughts.

- Lisa N.