Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day and Tassie Photos

Happy Australia Day to any other Aussies.

That means a long weekend!  But, we are battening down in preparation for Ex tropical cyclone heading down the coast towards us.  Up near my Dad at Yeppoon they had 550mm (22 inches) in 24 hours till Friday morning.  
They have forecast up to 400mm rain and stroung winds over the next few days for us here.  Showery and windy already.  I went out yesterday morning and now have enough food until Tuesday and the car is full of fuel, kids have books and computers. 

I've done some stitching.
I've finished another section of Herz Yin Yang

Herz Yin Yang part 3

Here is my start of the Pineapple Sampler from the Sticklounge group

Pineapple Sampler part 1
Cloudberry Samplings

Here are some Tasmania holiday photos from last month.  We flew into Launceston, hired a car and drove clockwise staying at Freycinet national park (east coast), Hobart, Strahan (west coast), Cradle Mountain national park and back to Launceston in 10 days. It was wonderful!

Freycinet National Park - Lots of hiking, gorgeous weather.  Saw dolphins at Wineglass Bay beach and a wallaby on Hazards Beach.  It was a steep walk down to Wineglass Bay from the lookout.
Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park
Hazards Beach, Freycinet National Park

Someone wanted our lunch, but went away empty handed.
Wallaby, Hazards Beach

Sleepy Beach, Freycinet National Park

Sunset, Freycinet Lodge

South of Hobart we went to the Tahune Airwalk in the forest canopy and also hiked over suspension bridges.
Tarkine River
Strahan - weather turned cold and wet, but it was still fantastic.
We went on 2 boat cruises, 1st to see the little penguins on the smallest boat, and 2nd up the Gordon River in the largest boat.

Strahan, Macquarie Harbour
On the cruise to see penguins, we went to an island near the entrance to the harbour.  Only 10 of us were on the boat - another family, tour guide and boat skipper.  It was cold and wet but saw lots of penguins so close we were almost tripping over them!

Little Penguin, Macquarie Harbour

Macquarie Harbour entrance - 'Hell's Gate'

Fish Farms, Macquarie Harbour

The Gordon River is a World Heritage area and the cruise was a highlight of our trip.

Gordon River, Strahan

Cradle Mountain National Park was another highlight of our trip.  It was sleeting as we drove into our accommodation.  Cold and wet while we were there, but we hiked around Dove Lake at the foot of Cradle Mountain. 

Saw lots of wildlife in this area - wallabies, echidnas, wombats, pademelons (a type of small wallaby), native hens.  We visited the Tasmanian Devil park and saw devils and quolls. Patted a devil!

Cradle Mountain - Dove Lake

waterfall - Dove Lake

I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse of Tassie.


cucki said...

aww so beautiful..
enjoy the weekend x

Denise SA said...

Thank you for sharing

Nicola said...

I hope that you have come through this dreadful weather safe and sound. I live near Launceston in Cornwall and it is quite moving to think that all those years ago someone travelled so far and named the town after home.

Kaisievic said...

Great photos, Tassie is lovely, isn't it? Love your two stitching projects.

Nancy M said...

Great photos. Love seeing the sites from different countries! Sounds and looks like a great 10 days.