Sunday, March 31, 2013

3 Little Finishes

Happy Easter

DH is away but family came over here for dinner last night.  Pizza and chocolate cake from the cheesecake shop.  Leftovers for lunch today!

These three were started last year, then not touched until recently.

1.  That Kind of Stitcher

That Kind of Stitcher

That Kind of Stitcher - CherryWood Design Studios
32ct Calypso Linen
WDW - Chestnut, Watermelon Punch
GAST - Kiwi, Orange Marmalade

2.  Peppermint Twist
Peppermint Twist
Peppermint Twist - LHN
30ct Natural Linen
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3. The Merry Skater
The Merry Skater
The Merry Skater - LHN
32ct Tumbleweed Linen
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It doesn't feel like I've done much stitching since my last post.  I missed the March IHSW - Saturday was kids sport, DS's last cricket game in the morning and DD's first netball game of the 'winter' season in the afternoon.  It was a rare hot sunny day (no rain) and I got too much sun and didn't drink enough water so ended up dehydrated and not good for much on the sunday.  Yes, I do know better and I was careless so I belonged in the naughty corner.  Especially as during DD's netball game they had a drinks break half way through every 15min quarter and we were using water spray bottles to help keep them cool. 


I've been talking about getting my kitchen redone for years and kept putting it off.  It's about 30 years old and DH has fixed the oven, the dishwasher leaks, the built in microwave is dying, benches are narrow and the gas cooktop is crowded in a corner, etc, etc.  But, last year DH pointed out that the tiles are cracked and lifed in places and loose in others and we needed to retile.  Well, that's a huge job, the kitchen is open plan and the tiles go from the entrance hallway, kitchen, meals, laundry, main bathroom, another hallway.  Did I mention all these tiles are marble? So, recently I got a friend (award winning kitchen designer) to come and do up some plans.  If I'm going to renovate I'm going to go the whole hog!  So, we are doing kitchen, laundry, all three bathrooms (the bathrooms are in original condition so the renovation is overdue).  Also, knocking out some internal brick walls and changing doorways.  The only rooms untouched in the plans are the kids bedrooms.  We might have to move out for a few weeks!
My friend is coming back soon with the plans and samples (and costs -gulp).

It's school holiday for the next 2 weeks, so more stitching time.  I've finished 5 of last years starts so I've added a new chart to my WIP list - Purrrrr Like You Mean It.  First, I'm trying to finish Zoe's Sampler.

I'll draw a winner from my Easter draw tomorrow but now it's back to the chocolate and some stitching later. 


cucki said...

So sweet x

Margaret said...

Lovely finishes! Good luck with the renovations. Sounds major!! But worth it for sure!

Claudette497 said...

You're finishes look great! You'll feel like you have a new house when you're done with everything!

Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finishes Kate.


SoCal Debbie said...

Those are fantastic finishes, Kate! The Merry Skater is adorable!

Your kitchen/bathroom renovation sounds wonderful! I had mine done also and I'm so pleased! I hope it doesn't take very long and isn't too messy.

Elena said...

Congrats on your finishes!!! They look great.

Good luck with the renovations, I'm sure it will look great.

Anne said...

Lovely finishes Kate! I have been meaning to stitch peppermint twist for so long! I should do it! Nice to have an award winning kitchen designer helping you out with your renovations!! I'm sure the result will be amazing!

Kaisievic said...

Three gorgeous finishes, I especially love The Merry Skater - I have not seen that design before, definitely going on my wish list!

Good luck with the renovations - it will be amazing when they are done!

EvalinaMaria said...

Congrats on the lovely finishes!

Annette-California said...

Your stitching is beautiful. Wow you already have some Christmas ornaments stitched. They are lovely. Hope all works out for your plans for remodeling. love Annette

Nancy M said...

Great finishes!! I think I own the 2 LHN patterns. Make sure you take before/during and after photos of your redo!! Have you recovered from the cost yet? Funny you should mention that, I just had an email from a kitchen designer to redo mine too! And I want to change some walls too. No bathrooms, they have all been redone, but I will need new carpet/tile throughout the whole house though. It's very scary!!!