Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Winner, and Update, Froggy Visit

First, the winner of the He's A Flake chart is

Stress Less

Congrats.  Can you send me your snail mail address.

Froggy Visit
Arrived home late Friday night after picking up DS and saw this beside the front door.

Dainty Tree Frog

I googled the species name as it is different to the tree frogs I am used to. It is a Dainty Tree Frog, but this one should be called Fearless as it was very curious and jumped onto my hand and climbed up my phone while I was trying to take photos! Didn't pee on me or my phone thank goodness!
Does that mean good fortune with stitching for the next year for me?

Started stitching again a few days ago.  Here's progress photos.

Herz Yin Yang part 6

Zoe's Sampler part 4 - blurry photo, sorry


That Kind of Stitcher - nearly finshed

Well, DD comes home from Canberra tonight.  She left early Monday morning and we had a quick trip to the Dr on Saturday to get some antibiotics for her (bronchitis).  I hope she has been taking them!   The house is quieter without her and is staying strangely tidy.
Camp seems to be a bit different now days.  The teachers set up a twitter account and sent dozens of tweets each day with lots of photos.  I know what she did before she gets home and I've seen photos of her with the Governor-Gerneral of Australia, and the Australian Treasurer, and at parliament house, museums, rock climbing, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc, etc.  She was going to go on a scout camp this weekend, but there are no female leaders going and she was the only girl, so she can't go.  I couldn't go as a helper as DH is away in Singapore and gets back on Saturday.  He has managed to get out of going to the US next week. Yes!

DH and I were both sick last week.  Not badly, just a weird virus that seemed exactly like a cold without the sneezing and running nose.  We both had a sore throat, mild fevers, and a  'fuzzy head' was how DH best described it.  I had a week of not doing much at all except resting, so caught up on my blog reading while I couldn't stitch.  I was better on Monday.

Just heard that Google Reader is closing in a few months.  This is how I read the blogs I follow so I'll have to find something else.  Any suggestions?


Cleejoow said...

I read my blogs on Google reader as well... maybe they will provide an alternative? I hope so because I really don't have the energy to go to all those websites and check for updates :( I must have over 100 blogs I read

cucki said...

hello dear, your stitching is looking great..
congrats to the winner..
i also read my blog on the google reader..
big hugs x

Elena said...

Very pretty stitching. Love "That kind of Stitcher.

I also read my blogs on google reader. I hope to have they give us a another option.

Nancy M said...

Lots of nice stitching projects! We too had that "flu" thing, but it took 3 weeks to totally get over it. I just downloaded "feedly" on my netbook and it merged all my Reader blogs over in seconds. Other than that, I'm not sure how it works. But it seems to have them all there.

Kaisievic said...

I hope that you are feeling better and I am sure that the tree frog means good luck!

Some lovely stitching progress, too.

Carol said...

Oh, I've never seen a frog like that here--very cute and "dainty" indeed.

Very cute WIPS, too! I think many of the Google Reader stithcers are switching to Bloglovin' or Feedly. I'm going to check both out soon--still don't quite understand why Google is closing its reader :(

Stress Less said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway. I still can't believe I won the Flake Chart. I've emailed you my address. What a wonderful surprise on a Monday! You have made very nice progress on your stitching. I love the colors in the Herz Yin Yang project. I can't wait to see it finished. Hopefully your family is feeling a lot better now. Have a great week.

Meari said...

Your projects look great.

That's one colorful frog!